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Джими Мърфи

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Днес се навършват 104 години от рождението на Джими Мърфи!

“I know those lads better than anyone. I found them. I nurtured them. I was there with them every morning, noon and night, piss and rain and gales and snow. They let me mold their lives from the ground up. They repaid me, they repaid this club with their skill, their passion and now their lives. It’s not about honouring their memory. It’s about showing who we are to the world. Showing we’ll not be bowed by tragedy. Because how we are in the future will be founded on how we behave today.” – JIMMY MURPHY

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Sir Bobby Charlton:
“One day he was discovered in a back corridor of the hospital. Sobbing his heart out in pain at the loss of so many young players he adored for their talent and who he loved like sons.”

“I learnt a lot from Matt Busby and Alf Ramsey but everything I achieved in football I owe to one man and one man only; Jimmy Murphy. Matt and Alf were good to me, but Jimmy got to my guts. Jimmy was simply sensational.”

Nobby Stiles:
“If it hadn’t been for Jimmy, there wouldn’t have been a Manchester United. It was a pleasure knowing him because he had a passion for the game – he liked me because I got stuck in! He was a lovely man.”

“Matt Busby fired Manchester United with the challenge of winning back horizons that had been so cruelly withdrawn, but it was Jimmy Murphy who kept the club on the road after Munich. It was Murphy who held the line against any submission to disaster. It was Murphy who reminded us of what we had been, and what we could be again.”

Albert Scanlon:
“I was scared to death when he signed me… if you didn’t listen he would crucify you! He knew everything about everybody at the club – it was all in his head. Jimmy and Matt complemented each other; you couldn’t have one without the other.”

Не знам как нямаме тема за този човек до момента.

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Sir Alex Ferguson:"There isn't another story more inspiring than Murphy’s achievement in getting MUFC to the cup final just months after Munich"

Docherty: “Jimmy Murphy Is Still So Under-rated”

Former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty says that he feels the contribution of Jimmy Murphy to the club is still not appreciated as much as it should be.

When Docherty took over at Old Trafford in 1972 one of his first acts was to properly re-engage Murphy and gave him the responsibility of scouting for young talent. The Welshman had retired after a remarkable career working alongside Sir Matt Busby but agreed to return to work in return solely for expenses – and more than paid back every penny of that with his finds.

“God rest his soul, I still do not think that Jimmy gets the credit he deserves for what he did for Manchester United. Nowhere near,” insists Docherty, on the day of what would have been Murphy’s 104th birthday. “He was nothing short of a miracle worker and I think it’s a huge shame that isn’t given the attention it should.”

The miracle that Tommy refers to was Murphy’s part in the rebuilding process after the Munich Air Disaster of 1958 – it was Murphy who kept the club running while Sir Matt Busby recovered, and he who fought with the FA to ensure the club wasn’t closed.

Murphy’s role with developing young players is what is more widely recognised and renowned and Docherty insisted that that ability was utilised for the club for as long as possible. As always, Murphy proved his value. “He was hugely important for us in the recruitment of some players, most notably Stevie Coppell and Gordon Hill,” remembers Docherty. “Jimmy said he could not be more certain of those two and I trusted him so much that I didn’t even need to watch them to commit to signing them. And, as he usually was, he was dead right of course.”

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